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Copenhagen Airport
Copenhagen Airport is Denmark’s main international airport, with more than 25 million passengers passing through each year. It handles more than 60 scheduled airlines and serves more than 62,000 passengers daily, making it a global hub, which requires optimal flow to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination in time.
To engage and aid travelers in Copenhagen Airport (CPH), Kollision helped develop a lighting design for a series of light fixtures subtly leading people from one terminal to the next. By creating a sense of direction with light and color, a better flow and distribution of travelers is achieved throughout the terminals.
Our role
Kollision delivered the dynamic graphics and mapping for the light fixtures, based on a brief from the project partners.
KOLLISION: 01.12.2013 CPHFLOW, image: 1
KOLLISION: 01.12.2013 CPHFLOW, image: 2
KOLLISION: 01.12.2013 CPHFLOW, image: 3

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