Aarhus School of Architecture https://aarch.dk/
Aarhus School of Architecture https://aarch.dk/
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In the autumn of 2021, Kollision was asked to develop a temporary lighting installation for the opening of the new school of architecture in Aarhus. The task was to develop an installation that would express an active school and at the same time create awareness of the clean design of the architecture. With access to dynamic light sources from Martin Professional, we developed an artistic installation that could emphasize specific areas and details with light in the main entrance and canteen area.
We placed six powerful moving heads on the central food truck container. From here the light sources could reach out to all the surrounding surfaces. Sometimes they worked together in pairs by having one light source running along the edge of a wall, while the other light source filled out the stroke. This was playing with the idea of 3-dimensionally outlining the school onto its own concrete walls along with different hatch patterns as fill - just like the traditional architect drawing. The light sources could also play together on the same surface. E.g. by randomly drawing different sizes of dots inside a precisely defined area or shape, or by sweeping across the ceiling with soft cones and hereby turning functional installations - like ventilation pipes and sprinkler systems - into lit sculptural elements.
Kollision developed the concept in dialogue with the Aarhus School of Architecture and implemented the idea by using our own lighting control software MAP. Martin Professional supplied the light sources and helped develop the technical setup. The installation was funded by Danish Arts Foundation. 
KOLLISION: 04.10.2021 HATCH, image: 1
KOLLISION: 04.10.2021 HATCH, image: 2
KOLLISION: 04.10.2021 HATCH, image: 3
KOLLISION: 04.10.2021 HATCH, image: 4
KOLLISION: 04.10.2021 HATCH, image: 5
KOLLISION: 04.10.2021 HATCH, image: 6
KOLLISION: 04.10.2021 HATCH, image: 7

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