Martin Professional
VIA Verlag
POST !T is a sculptural media installation developed in relation to the international conference PLDC2013, which took place in Copenhagen Congress Center in Ørestaden, Copenhagen, from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November 2013. The installation visualizes messages containing conference related keywords by continuously scanning and filtering the databases of Twitter, Facebook and a conference app provided for the more than 1,300 visitors.
The selected messages are represented on large LED panels - the social media monitors. By search criteria the messages are divided into four main categories: Official, PLDC, Speakers and Community, displayed on separate sections of the installation. When a new message is picked up, it appears as a large glowing shape at the top of its section, slowly dropping into a queuing area, and finally it is displayed as text at the bottom of the installation. Consequently, new and glowing messages draw attention toward the installation from a distance, while messages picked up earlier are displayed as text at the bottom, making them easier to read at a closer distance. POST !T merges discussions from social media with the physical conference space and encourage people to actively debate conference related topics in-situ. The installation is based on a software platform, which searches for any keyword within a Twitter tweet, a Facebook post or a message coming from the conference app, visualizing the results using a custom real time graphical engine.
POST !T was made by Kollision in collaboration with Martin Professional and in dialogue with PLDC, the VIA Team. In dialogue with the other team members Kollision conceptualized and programmed the functionality of the installation and designed the layout of the social media monitors. Martin Professional provided and installed the LED panels.
KOLLISION: 30.10.2013 POST !T, image: 1
KOLLISION: 30.10.2013 POST !T, image: 2
KOLLISION: 30.10.2013 POST !T, image: 3
KOLLISION: 30.10.2013 POST !T, image: 4
KOLLISION: 30.10.2013 POST !T, image: 5
KOLLISION: 30.10.2013 POST !T, image: 6

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