Towards a Design Space Explorer for Media Facades

KOLLISION: 08.12.2008 Towards a Design Space Explorer for Media Facades
Rune Nielsen »
Kim Halskov
Peter Dalsgård
Collaborative design projects are often complex affairs in which a number of resources, concerns, and sources of inspiration are brought into play in the shaping of future design concepts. This paper presents the Design Space Explorer, a framework for managing these multiple sources of information and domain concerns in collaborative design projects. The Design Space Explorer captures and gives an overview of design materials and forms, domain locations and situations, interaction styles, and content types. Furthermore, it provides a platform for designers to combine these aspects into scenarios for design concepts. We present and discuss the use of the Design Space Explorer in two specific design cases in the domain of interactive media façades, part of the emerging field of digital urban living.
Dalsgaard, P., Halskov, K. & Nielsen, R. 2008: Towards a Design Space Explorer for Media Facades. Proceedings of Ozchi 2008 conference, Cairns, Australia, s. 219-226

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