Steps Towards Interactive Television

KOLLISION: 31.03.2005 Steps Towards Interactive Television
Rune Nielsen »
Kim Halskov
Svend Erik Søfelt
From the perspective of the use of virtual studio technology, we have been exploring a platform for making new kinds of interactive television in which we take advantage of the fact that when the scenography is digital the viewers may affect what is being broadcast in a significant way and becoming active co-creaters. The core of this article consists of the presentation and discussion of five of the experimental steps we have conducted pursuing new forms of interactive television. Our experiences are predominantly positive but some serious issues are also raised concerning the feasibility of mass media interaction.
Halskov K., Nielsen, R. & Søfeldt, S. E. 2005: Steps Towards Interactive Television. Proceedings of EuroITV2005, Ålborg. p 111-123.

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