Maps for Design Reflection

KOLLISION: 01.05.2008 Maps for Design Reflection
Rune Nielsen »
Kim Halskov
Peter Dalsgård
In this paper we introduce, apply and discuss a set of design artifacts called maps intended to support design researchers in capturing, analyzing and reflecting upon design processes. The maps focus on reflection with respect to the role of sources of inspiration and design materials in the emergence and transformation of design ideas. The paper revolves around a specific case, the design of media façades - i.e. displays that are an integrated part of a building’s façade – as part of the development of material for a bid for an architectural competition for a new modern art museum in Warsaw, Poland. We discuss our findings from using the maps for design reflection in this case, with particular focus on the importance of employing artifacts to support design reflection.
Dalsgaard, P., Halskov, K. & Nielsen, R. 2008: Maps for Design Reflection. Artifacts vol. 2, s. 176-189