Virtual Video Prototyping

KOLLISION: 02.06.2006 Virtual Video Prototyping
Rune Nielsen »
Kim Halskov
We label the work method virtual video prototyping, which grew out of a number of information systems design techniques along with approaches to visualization in the field of architecture and set design. We present a collection of virtual video prototyping cases and use them as the platform for a discussion, which pinpoint advantages and disadvantages of working with virtual video prototyping as a tool for communication, experimentation and reflection in the design process. Based on more than ten cases we have made the observations that virtual video prototypes 1) are a powerful medium of communication in development teams and for communication with industry partners and potential investors, 2) support both testing and generating ideas 3) are particular suited for addressing spatial issues and new ways of interacting.
Halskov, K. & Nielsen, R. 2006: Virtual Video Prototyping. Human–Computer Interaction, Volume 21. p 199–233.

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