The Harbour Game

KOLLISION: 06.06.2006 The Harbour Game
Tobias Løssing »
Rune Nielsen »
Andreas Lykke-Olesen »
Thomas Fabian Delman »
The Harbour Game is an innovative collaborative, game-based approach to urban planning utilizing mixed and augmented reality techniques. Modern urban planning involves a wide variety of interests and individuals, consequently new methods and tools are needed to assure the active involvement of all parties in the planning process. The Harbour Game is a debating game employing visual tracking and pattern recognition to superimpose information, e.g. 3-dimensional models, text, and photos on physical artefacts facilitating the understanding of complex relations in urban planning.
Løssing, T., Nielsen, R., Lykke-Olesen, A. and Delman, T. F. 2007. The Harbour Game. In: Borries, Friederich von; Steffen P. Walz og Matthias Böttger eds.), Space Time Play - Computer Games, Architecture and Urbanism: the next level, Birkhäuser, 2007.

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