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What is MAP?
MAP - Media Architecture Platform - is an advanced digital tool providing full control of interactive buildings and spaces. MAP Enables buildings and urban spaces to change appearance from one moment to the next creating playful and engaging experiences for users and citizens making our urban environments safer by attracting ‘eyes on the street’. MAP also helps brands communicate with their surroundings through interactive buildings and spaces and it supports smart city applications and visualising big data.

MAP is easy to use and integrate into the workflow of communication, marketing and social media teams. MAP has a responsive, web based interface accessible from desktops and mobile devices. It provides easy and customisable content scheduling using calendar and playlists and a 3D preview of scheduled content and real time monitoring of currently displayed content. With MAP plugin-based, dynamic content can be adjusted and customised on the fly and you can create and upload your own content, movies and pictures directly from your device.
MAP includes the MAP Editor, a content management and scheduling system, the MAP Previewer, which is used to preview content in 3D, and the MAP Player, which communicates with facades, lighting art installations or media surfaces. MAP can import and display images and movies. But its true strength is parametric real-time graphics allowing the user to easily adjust the expression of the installation and evaluate the result in real-time using the 3D-rendering of a specific installation. MAP calculates content in real-time based on a variety of mappings e.g. UV, 3D space, collapsed, projected etc. and provided as Art-Net/DMX or a collapsed pixelspace as a DVI signal.

MAP supports bespoke content plugins defined by the specific layout or patterns of the LED layout on any building or installation. This makes it possible to create content that is woven into to the fabric of the architecture and particular space, effectively creating what we call Media Architecture.
MAP is a full-service solution. It runs on a designated server integrated in a rack together with e.g. DMX-controllers and other hardware. It typically takes up only one rack unit or it can be delivered as a redundant setup with an extra server as spare. MAP can provide content for arbitrary lighting controllers using DVI or Art-Net/DMX and manages how content can be adapted and scheduled using the integrated MAP Editor.

The MAP Player is connected directly to third-party lighting control systems while the MAP Editor is a web application used by e.g. the marketing department of the organisation operating the facade to create and schedule new content and preview their creations using the MAP Previewer. MAP communicates with various external services and sensors, e.g. pulling cloud cover data from internet based weather services and combining it with the built-in, localised almanac using these data to control the intensity of the LEDs. MAP can also integrate live data feeds from a variety of sensors or provide interactivity and handle user input from e.g. mobile devices and tablets.
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